Our Story


It all started… with a Branded Wallet that I bought many years ago. Or a wallet with a hole, to be precise! While then Keegan was on the lookout for a leather wallet, which can last for years yet look elegant. He searched online, trying to find an aesthetically pleasing wallet of great quality, but without luck. By chance he then started to learn more about leather and started to make one simple wallet. One with minimalist to start-off! 


Next Wave is a Malaysian-based boutique studio, which offers minimalistic and timeless leather goods and accessories within an accessible price range. We create bags, wallets and other daily-use products with signature designs which will stay with you for years to come.


  • Fair price – because we are passionate about introducing more and more people to the high-quality products, which we make, and which will not need to be replaced once a new fad comes along. All our products have a simple design and high functionality – they differ substantially from products with many unfunctional, unneeded parts, which only make them wear and tear faster and go out of fashion. Which is why offering a reasonable price is so important for us – it is our passion and goal to have the sensible approach to fashion and its functionality spread wide and far.
  • Timelessness – because each design piece is carefully crafted and is not designed to be at the mercy of constantly changing whims of fast fashion. NEXT WAVE leather goods will serve you faithfully for years and will never go out of fashion.
  • Functionality – because we do not believe that looks are everything. We strive to create pieces that will serve you well in your everyday life and will never have you serve them.
  • Simplicity – because in our designs we strive to uncover and ensure the perfection of simple styles which will never create visual clutter and get in the way of what matters. Minimalist is our main theme.
  • Longevity – because we want you to enjoy our goods in the long term. Ours are not products which you will have to rebuy each year – we create them to stay with you for as long as possible.